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Health records: According to Illinois law, all children entering school for the first time, in pre-kindergarten or kindergarten, must provide a record of physical examination, immunization history and dental records. In addition, all fifth grade students must have a complete medical examination prior to the beginning of the school year.
Immunizations: Illinois law requires proof of immunization for each student from the following diseases: Diphtheria, Pertussis, Tetanus, Poliomyelitis, Rubella, Mumps, and Chicken Pox. All Kindergarten and 5th grade students must have a Hepatitis B vaccination, which consists of a series of 3 doses or shots over the course of 6 months. The Chicago Board of Health also mandates that all students must have a second measles shot, and that all students 6 years old and under must take a lead screening test.
Proof of immunizations and testing must be on file prior to the beginning of the school year. These records are kept on file in the nurse's office.
All student medication must be kept in the nurse's office. If your child uses an inhaler, the nurse determines where it will be kept safely in school. A completed doctor's permission form must be on file for any medication to be administered to your child.
Food allergies: If your child has food allergies, please notify the classroom teacher as well as the nurse's office at the beginning of each school year. 

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