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The Friends of Bell School (FOB) is an all volunteer not-for-profit organization which raises funds for Alexander Graham Bell School. FOB was incorporated in 1998 by a group of Bell parents, faculty members, and neighbors. It has 501(c)(3) status, so donations are tax-deductible to the full extent of the law.

All parents, guardians, teachers and staff are considered members of FOB, but we need the personal commitment and dedication of many to ensure Bell School's success.


The FOB Board is made up of parent, community and faculty volunteers; a list of board members is provided below. We are seeking parents and other members of the community to become more involved with FOB in a variety of ways and welcome your input and new ideas. Any FOB meetings will be announced on the weekly Blink and on the school calendar.


Friends of Bell (FOB) Board Members

Michelle Daut
Christine Poczik
Vice President/Fundraising Chair
​Tina Lagges
Irene Ireland
Secretary Parent
Laura Mueller
Amy Bryant ​Communications Parent​
Mary Rhodes
​John Martin ​Volunteer Contact Parent​
Andrew Conrad
Heather Milstein
Secretary (shadow)
​Andretta Stevens


Honorary Board Members

Katie Miller
Eric McCabe
​Vice Principal
Ellen Rosenfeld
Parent & LSC President
​Scott Brown
Former FOB President​
Alexis Dunton Parent​
​Krissy Lee Parent​



Many of the programs that give our children an enriched education and make Bell a unique and vibrant community result from FOB's fundraising efforts. Friends of Bell fundraising this year will fund next year's discretionary budget, which is administered by the LSC. A few examples of the program funded by FOB for this school year include computer support and equipment, athletics, fine arts residencies, trip scholarships, family nights at school, and curriculum upgrades. Our goal this year is to raise over $350,000 that is applied directly to the school's discretionary budget!


We have many exciting plans for this year and offer a variety of events and programs so you can participate based on your family's interests and availability. We want you to feel welcome at every event, but not obligated to attend all of them.


The Friends of Bell calendar includes three fundraisers:

  • Bell Walk: Each student requests family and/or friends to sponsor her/him by making a monetary pledge for every lap the child walks on the playground). The event is scheduled for October.  Chairs: Jamie Patsey, Shemeka Malone and Kimberly Dowdell (
  • Wish List and Parent/Faculty Party​: The Wish List is a direct appeal that lets donors choose how their financial contributions will support Bell in the coming school year. It culminates with an adult party. The gala will be held at the end of February 2018. Wish List Chair: Michelle Daut. Party Chairs: Christine Poczik, Amy Bryant, Mary Rhodes and Heather Milstein (
  • Steppin' 2017: Students raise money for the school and compete to see which class raises the most.  Everyone celebrates with a dance party. This event is held in the spring. Chairs: TBD (


The chairs of these events welcome your input and support by volunteering to plan in advance or assist the day of each event. Thank you in advance for your support of and commitment to our children's future at Bell School!


If you have a question or idea, please send an email to Friends of Bell ( and let us know how you'd like to be contacted.




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