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Green Committee Mission Statement
The Green Committee strives to increase environmental awareness of all of our students, staff and community members in an effort to educate people to live responsibly and ensure that our planet and its resources are preserved for all future generations.


Bell School is doing many things to increase recycling efforts throughout the building. All classrooms have recycling bins for paper and there are extra bins throughout the entire school building. Students recycle juice pouches and cans in the lunchroom every day. In addition to these efforts, there is also a recycling center in the main foyer of the building where families can drop off cell phones and printer ink cartridges to be recycled. Bell School is participating in a program which offers rewards to the school for printer ink cartridges and cell phones. Please drop by the recycling center any time.
The recycling center was completed through a Pepsi grant in Fall 2010. Students helped design the bin indicator plaques and Mr. Dehne helped design and construct the recycling center. There are 4 separate bins plus small portable bins for batteries. The recycling center has a bin for aluminum pop tabs. We then donate the tabs to Ronald McDonald House and they are given a 2 to 1 reimbursement for each tab. In March, we had the whole blue bin filled to the top – they were so excited! There are also slots for cell phone recycling and ink/toner cartridge recycling. Plastic containers and paper are also accepted. 

Bell has solar panels that were installed in 2009.  The student council organized a contest to name the solar panel unit, and the 4th graders of Room 206 won the contest with the name FRED 2009.  FRED stands for Fabulous Renewable Energy Device, and you can view Fred online.  If you would like to see the energy being generated by FRED, please click here.

Bell has four worm bins that are used as part of the curriculum. The children are shown how to harvest the bins and then how to use the harvest in gardens at Bell. If you are interested in starting your own worm bin, Bell educational interpreter Melissa Whiting created a video to help you learn about the care and maintenance of worm bins. They are easy to use and will help produce rich soil for your backyard garden. She is always happy to answer questions about worm bins. Start a Worm Bin at Home​

For even more information about starting a worm bin, check out this kid-friendly website from the University of Illinois Extension about home worm bins​.

If you have any interest in getting involved in the Green Committee and the ongoing good work done for Bell School, you may contact Michelle Daut.  The committee welcomes new ideas and volunteers! ​


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