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Personalized Messages Available on Bell's Marquee

You can have one of four messages on the Bell marquee sign personalized for your child, family or teacher! You may wish your child a happy birthday, wish them good luck on an upcoming performance (think school play), or say thank you to a special someone (parent, teacher, staff member) for a week. See options below.

A silent auction was available at the Gatsby Gala, but we still have weeks available for purchase for $50. Upcoming availability includes but is not limited to:
  • March 26 - April 1
  • April 9 - April 15
  • April 16 - April 22
  • May 14 - May 20
  • May 28 - June 3
  • June 4 - June 10
Personalized messages will go up on Mondays and will not be exclusive messages on the marquee. Upcoming school events will also be included for the week.

We will highlight upcoming weeks available in each Blink but feel free to contact or to see if there is a week in the future available for those that want to plan ahead!

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