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expand Morning Announcements-May 26 Published: 5/26/2017

We wanted to review some of the things you have learned this week for Allergy Awareness Week. Remember, food allergies are very serious, so don’t share food with anyone. Be sure to wash your hands after eating. Tell an adult if you see someone being picked on because of their allergy. If you notice someone having an allergic reaction, get them help right away. Follow these steps to make sure everyone stays safe and healthy!


expand Announcements-May 26 Published: 5/25/2017

We have some facts for you for Allergy Awareness Week. Unfortunately, about a third of kids with food allergies report that they have been bullied specifically because of their allergies. If a friend or classmate has a food allergy, don’t tease, bully or make fun of them. Tell an adult right away if you see other kids picking on someone with a food allergy. Let’s work together to make sure everyone feels safe and stays healthy!​

expand Announcements-May 24 Published: 5/24/2017

In honor of Allergy Awareness Week, we have some more facts about food allergies. Did you know that every three minutes, a food allergy reaction sends someone to the emergency room in the U.S.? If your friend feels sick or thinks he or she may have eaten something they are allergic to, tell an adult right away, take your friend to the nurse, or dial 911! They will make sure your friend gets help and gets the medicine they need to feel better. Every second counts. Also, never let the friend who is feeling sick go to the bathroom alone- stay by your friend until help arrives.   ​

expand Announcements-May 22 Published: 5/23/2017

May is Allergy Awareness Month. Did you know that 1 in 13 kids in the United States has a food allergy? That’s about two kids in every classroom. For kids with food allergies, even a tiny amount of the food they are allergic to can make them very sick. This week, stay tuned for tips about how we can keep everyone safe and healthy. And be sure to check out the posters hung around the school to help educate yourself about food allergies.

expand Announcements-May 23 Published: 5/23/2017

Food allergies affect nearly 6 million kids and can be life threatening. One way you can keep everyone safe is by not sharing food. It’s hard to know every single ingredient in a food, and it could have have something in it that could make another person very sick. So share jokes and laughs in the cafeteria, but not food. Stay tuned for some more tips tomorrow.    

expand Announcements-May 22 Published: 5/22/2017

​No announcements today.

expand Announcements-May 19 Published: 5/19/2017

Even though the 6th grade soccer team was in Springfield, the 5th graders alone defeated Mayer's 5th/6th grade team 4-1. The 7th/8th grade team also beat the Mayer city champs 3-2. Way to go Bell!​

expand Announcements-May 18 Published: 5/18/2017

​No announcements today.

expand Announcements-May 17 Published: 5/17/2017

6-8th grade choir will meet today during lunch. 5th grade choir will meet this Friday during lunch.

expand Announcements-May 15 Published: 5/15/2017

Track and Field practice has been moved to 3:30 for all 8th graders for today.  Please call home if you need to inform a parent.

expand Announcements-May 12 Published: 5/12/2017

​No announcements today.

expand Announcements-May 10 Published: 5/10/2017

​Today is the first track meet of the season at Hansen Park. Good luck to all runners!

expand Announcements-May 8 Published: 5/8/2017

​Thanks to everyone for participating in Steppin' with the Stars this year - we hope you had fun dancing!  Now - for the final standings (drumroll please):  ​Ms. Demitropolous is ​FIRST place with $3​,​785​ in donations​; Ms. Giardini is ​SECOND place with $3​,​002; and Mr. Anderson's class is in​ THIRD place with $2​,​988.  Check out the leaderboard today and tomorrow for all o​​f the classroom standings.​  Prizes will be distributed soon!!​​

All who applied to be Junior Ambassadors should report to the auditorium at 12:15 today for a brief meeting.

expand Announcements-May 5 Published: 5/5/2017

​Congratulations to Ms. Demitropoulos' room for leading the Steppin' standings. Ms. Girardini's room is in second place, and Mr. Anderson's room is in third place. Voting ends tonight at 11:59 p.m. so we encourage family and friends to donate.

expand Announcements-May 4 Published: 5/4/2017

​Congratulations to Ms. Demitropoulos' class for leading the Steppin' standings as of today. Ms. Stec's class is a close second followed by Ms. Tsamoulos' class. Tomorrow is the big day. Remember to dress like your favorite star!

expand Announcements-May 3 Published: 5/3/2017

​Students can have their photos taken by the 8th graders today during lunch to show their support for the UN Global Goals. 

Room 112 is in the lead for Steppin'. Keep those donations coming as the big day is on Friday.

expand Announcements-May 1 Published: 5/1/2017

​Steppin' is on Friday of this week and here are the current standings:




Keep on watching for more information tomorrow!

expand Announcements-Sept. 16 Published: 10/18/2015

​No announcements today.

expand Announcements-Sept. 18 Published: 10/18/2015

​Tryouts for the 5/6  girl's volleyball team will be held on Tuesday, Sept. 22 and 7/8  girls on Wednesday, Sept. 23 from 3:30-4:30 pm. If students cannot make the tryouts, they need to see Ms. Manuel before school (7.45 - 8.10 am)  and before Tuesday to discuss.


Boys soccer tryouts and flag football tryouts will take place on Monday after school.  Please see Coach Fair if you have any questions.

expand Announcments-Sept. 17 Published: 10/18/2015

​No announcements today.


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