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expand Announcements-April 25 Published: 4/25/2017

​Congratulations to our girls soccer teams who won their games against Nettelhorst yesterday.

expand Announcements-April 24 Published: 4/24/2017

​Girls 5/6 soccer should meet after school today to warm up before the game. 7/8 girls should meet in Room 304 at 4:45 to prepare for the 5:30 game today.

Congratulations to all of our Future Problem Solvers for their work at the state competition on Saturday: Shawn T., Cole H., Henry B., Steven H., Katya C., Jacob D., Josh L., Miranda L., Elizabeth O., Sarah O., Lana G., Adelaide S., Alex C., Mallory A., Avaani J., and Asha S.  Great job!

Please remember to keep our gardens beautiful.

expand Announcements-April 20 Published: 4/20/2017

​Girls 5/6 soccer practices today until 4:30.

Tomorrow is school wide pajama day.  Remember to wear your favorite pj's!

expand Announcements-April 17 Published: 4/17/2017

​Steppin' is Friday, May 5th.  Get your dancing shoes on and tell all of your friends and family!

expand Announcements-April 5 Published: 4/5/2017

 Due to the rain, soccer tryouts will held in the gym after school today and will end at 4:30, not 5:00.​

expand Announcements-April 3 Published: 4/3/2017

​Quarterly celebrations will take place on Thursday morning.

expand Announcements-March 30 Published: 3/31/2017

​No new announcements today.

expand Announcements-March 31 Published: 3/31/2017

​Voting for our new school song takes place today.

expand Announcements-March 29 Published: 3/29/2017

Right at School will begin hosting organized games for students during the first lunch period in a section on the south lot. If students are interested, they should meet at the butterfly garden at the beginning of recess.  Below is a schedule of the games for the next month. Please announce the games to your students and encourage them to join if interested.

Mondays and Wednesdays - Sharks and minnows with Paul
Tuesdays and Thursdays - Kickball with Carlotta
Fridays - Tag Games with Woody.  This week: Enchanted Candle Tag​
expand Morning Announcements-March 27 Published: 3/28/2017

​No announcements today.

expand Morning Announcements-March 28 Published: 3/28/2017

​We have three finalists for the new school song contest. Stay tuned to hear them and vote on Friday.

expand Announcements-Sept. 16 Published: 10/18/2015

​No announcements today.

expand Announcements-Sept. 18 Published: 10/18/2015

​Tryouts for the 5/6  girl's volleyball team will be held on Tuesday, Sept. 22 and 7/8  girls on Wednesday, Sept. 23 from 3:30-4:30 pm. If students cannot make the tryouts, they need to see Ms. Manuel before school (7.45 - 8.10 am)  and before Tuesday to discuss.


Boys soccer tryouts and flag football tryouts will take place on Monday after school.  Please see Coach Fair if you have any questions.

expand Announcments-Sept. 17 Published: 10/18/2015

​No announcements today.


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